Systems Art emerged out of the spread of general systems theory and cybernetics in the mid-to-late twentieth century. With an articulated critical framework provided by Jack Burnham in his essays, "Systems Esthetics" (1968) and "Real Time Systems (1969), Systems Art, construed broadly, concerns itself with modeling the systemic interrelatedness of items (both living and non-living) within a given environment, typically by deploying technological media. This exhibition presents a selection of sources relating to and examples of Systems Art.

Recently Added Items

Video - The Systems Art of Peter Lowe

A documentary about British systems artist Peter Lowe, (b. 1938).

Exhibition Catalogue - Software, Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art


Catalogue for the 1970 art and technology exhibition, curated by Jack Burnham.

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.29.39 PM.png

A conceptual project designed to subvert Google's domination of online search by using money generated from Google text advertisements to buy Google…

Systemic Painting - Lawrence Alloway

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This catalogue accompanies the 1966 exhibition Systemic Painting, organized by the influential art critic Lawrence Alloway. Alloway coined the term to…

Video: Nicolas Schöffer - Cyspe - 1959

This video demonstrates CYSP I in action. Nicolas Schöffer's CYSP I is commonly thought to be the first cybernetic sculpture in history. Photoelectric…